Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Sourcd?

Sourcd is designed to assist recruiters in tailoring their outreach emails, ultimately boosting engagement while minimising the effort and time required for crafting individualised messages

How does Sourcd work?

Sourcd evaluates candidate profiles, incorporating precise skills and role-specific criteria to compose personalised messages, enabling recruiters to send more precise and impactful outreach emails.

Does this extension automate sending connection requests and messages on Linkedin?

No, our extension does not automate sending connection requests or messages. It provides templates and suggestions to streamline the process, but the recruiter has full control over sending messages/ emails.

Is my Linkedin account data secure when using this extension?

Yes, we take data security seriously. Your LinkedIn account data is not stored or shared with third parties. We use secure connections to LinkedIn's platform.

How is Sourcd different to Linkedin’s personalised messages

Sourcd empowers recruiters to choose the language, tone, key skills, and utilise any saved templates according to their preferences.

Can I use Sourcd with other Job Boards, ATS or Social Networks?

Currently, its exclusively on LinkedIn. However, we are actively working on expanding its compatibility to include other platforms.

Is there a free trial of Sourcd?

yes, we offer 5 emails per month so recruiters can test to see how it can benefit their outreach efforts.

Can I use Sourcd for recruiting in any industry or job types?

Yes, our extension is versatile and can be used for recruiting in a wide range of industries and for various job types.

Do you provide customer support?

Yes, if you email [email protected] we can assist with any questions or technical difficulties you may have.

Free plan. No credit card required.

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