Sourcd vs LinkedIn recruiter’s AI-assisted messages: What is the difference?

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With the fast-evolving landscape of recruitment and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the battle for the next best AI tool for recruiters is heating up. Sourcd and LinkedIn’s recruiter AI-assisted messages may appear similar at first glance, but numerous distinguishing features set Sourcd apart from LinkedIn’s tool.

Let’s dive into the features that set Sourcd apart which will make it the next go-to AI tool for recruiters seeking a competitive edge in personalised outreach.

Sourcd vs LinkedIn

What are Sourcd’s distinctive features that set it apart from LinkedIn’s AI-assisted messages?

Tailored templates

Sourcd allows recruiters to create and save personalised message templates. This feature not only saves time but also ensures a consistent and compelling communication style for each recruiter.

Customisable tone and language

Recruiters can select from five different tones and eight different languages that resonate best with their target audience. This flexibility enhances the personal touch in messages, making them more engaging and effective.

Skills and job title input 

Sourcd’s intuitive interface allows users to input specific skills and job titles, streamlining the candidate selection process. This precision ensures that recruiters connect with candidates whose expertise aligns seamlessly with the job requirements.

Message enhancements

Sourcd doesn’t just automate messages; it also allows recruiters to enhance them. If a particular part in the message needs to be changed, the recruiter can choose to expand, shorten, regenerate, or rephrase. The recruiter can also individually change any text they want as well.

Future external platform integration

The next version of Sourcd will allow recruiters to use it on other platforms. This forward-thinking approach enhances the reach and impact of recruiter communications.

LinkedIn Perspective

LinkedIn relies on the data shared by its users to power its AI-assisted messaging. Fields such as job title, responsibilities, location, salary, and more are considered to craft outreach messages. Additionally, LinkedIn prioritises skills and job title matches, experiences, past companies/roles, and various other factors to ensure messages are contextually relevant. Sourcd does all of this however it allows the user to have more control with the extra features making it more personalised compared to Linkedin options.

Sourcd Vs LinkedIn: Sourcd Adds an Extra Level of Personalisation 

In the world of AI-assisted recruiting messages, Sourcd stands out as its features empower recruiters to connect with candidates in a more meaningful and impactful way. While LinkedIn utilises its vast pool of user data, Sourcd takes it a step further with customisable templates, future external platform integration, and message enhancement tools, providing recruiters with a comprehensive toolkit for success.

As the battle for recruitment dominance rages on, Sourcd is clearly a force to be reckoned with in the era of AI-powered talent acquisition. 

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