Introduction to Sourcd: An AI personalised email generator for recruiters

Introduction to Sourcd's Email Generator for recruiters

Are you a recruiter tired of spending hours crafting individualised emails to reach potential candidates? Do you find that generic messages result in poor response rates? If so, you’re not alone. Many recruiters face the same challenges when it comes to candidate outreach.

That’s where Sourcd an AI personalised email generator comes to the rescue!

What is Sourcd?

Sourcd is an innovative AI-powered email generator designed specifically for recruiters. Its primary mission? To make your life easier by streamlining the process of personalised candidate outreach.

The Recruiter’s Dilemma

Recruiters play a vital role in connecting job seekers with the right opportunities. However, this process often involves a significant amount of email correspondence. When you’re reaching out to potential candidates, the need for personalised, high-quality content is vital.

Traditionally, recruiters often send mass emails when time is scarce, or they take the time to craft customised emails for each recipient when they have the opportunity. While this personalised approach is effective, it can be incredibly time-consuming, especially when managing multiple candidates and job openings

Sourcd: The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Hiremii, the brains behind Sourcd, recognised this pain point and decided to do something about it. We created Sourcd to simplify and supercharge the email generation process for recruiters.

How Does Sourcd Work?

Here’s how Sourcd works its magic:


Sourcd caters to both internal and agency recruiters, ensuring that its benefits are accessible to a wide range of professionals in the field.

Personalisation at Scale

Say goodbye to generic emails that rarely get responses. Sourcd helps you create personalised emails for each candidate without the time-consuming effort.

Compare and Highlight

It goes beyond basic personalisation by analysing a candidate’s experience and matching it to the job description. This ensures that your outreach emphasises why the candidate is an excellent fit for the role.

Flexible Templates

Sourcd allows you to start from scratch or add personalisation to your existing outreach templates, giving you complete control over your messaging.

Select language and tone

Choose your preferred language and tone from a selection of 8 different languages and 5 distinct tones to craft your personalised emails.

Are you ready to trial Sourcd’s Email Generator?

In a world where personalised communication can make or break your recruitment efforts, Sourcd stands out as a game-changer for recruiters. With its AI-powered email generation capabilities, it simplifies the process, saves time, and ultimately leads to better engagement with candidates.

If you’re a recruiter looking to supercharge your outreach efforts and connect with the best candidates instantly, give Sourcd a try. Say goodbye to generic emails and hello to personalised, effective communication. Your recruitment process is about to get a whole lot easier!

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