How to Use Sourcd: An AI Email Writer for Effortless Candidate Outreach

AI email writer

As a recruiter or hiring manager, you are often bogged down with resumes and profiles. Making it challenging to craft personalised outreach emails that resonate with potential candidates.

This is where Sourcd’s AI email writer comes into play. Sourcd streamlines the process of candidate outreach with its advanced AI capabilities.

How Sourcd’s AI Email Writer Works

After you’ve installed Sourcd from the Chrome Web Store, below are the steps to understand how it operates:

Language and Tone

With Sourcd, you can choose from a range of 8 distinct languages (English UK or US, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish & Spanish) and 5 various tones (Casual, Conversational, Formal, Friendly & Professional). Giving you the flexibility to adapt to the specific requirements of the roles you are recruiting for.

Template Option

Recognising that recruiters often have their unique preferences, especially when it comes to crafting introductory and closing messages. Sourcd provides you with the option to either design your custom template or allow Sourcd to handle this task for you!

Position and Key Skills

Choose the position and key skills required for the position you’re recruiting for. Sourcd will then align these with the candidate’s profile for a relevant match.

Profile Analysis

Sourcd initiates a thorough analysis of the candidate’s information. It considers various factors, such as their skills and experiences. This step is crucial because it helps AI thoroughly understand the candidate’s background, ensuring that the message will be tailored to their unique profile.

Message Generation

Based on the analysis of the candidate’s profile, job position and key skills, Sourcd’s AI Writer springs into action to craft a personalised outreach message. This message is designed to highlight the candidate’s suitability for the role, emphasising their relevant skills and experiences. The result is a highly targeted and compelling initial email that can grab a candidate’s attention.

Human Touch

While Sourcd’s AI Writer does an exceptional job of generating the initial message. It’s important to remember the importance of the human touch. You can review the message and add your personal touch to ensure it aligns with the candidate. This step allows you to maintain the authenticity of your outreach while benefiting from the AI’s efficiency.

Optimise Your Outreach with Sourcd’s AI Email Writer!

Sourcd offers you the solution to streamline candidate outreach, by analysing candidate profiles, matching them with your specific requirements generating a personalised message. It helps reduce the time and effort recruiters spend on crafting effective emails. However, it is important to remember that while AI can be a valuable tool, adding in your personal touch allows your outreach to resonate with candidates on a deeper level.

Are you ready to transform your candidate outreach process? Try Sourcd’s AI email Writer today and experience the difference in your recruitment efforts.

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