The Power of Personalised Outreach Emails

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In today’s competitive job market, finding and attracting top-tier talent can be challenging for recruiters. The age-old method of sending generic mass emails to potential candidates is no longer effective. Whether they are looking for work or not, candidates are blasted with emails daily, where generic emails will not cut it anymore. This is where personalised outreach comes into play.

Why personalised outreach emails matter?

Personalised outreach emails is all about crafting tailored messages that resonate with potential candidates on an individual level. It’s more than addressing them by their first name or sending a non-tailored message that does not address their skills or qualifications. It’s about demonstrating a genuine understanding of why the candidate would be a perfect fit for the role, almost selling the role to them.

Here is why it matters

Higher response rates

Personalised InMails perform 15% better than ones sent in bulk on Linkedin[1]. When candidates receive an email that feels personalised and relevant to their career goals, they are more likely to respond.

Improve candidate experience

Personalised emails show candidates that you value their unique qualifications and skills. This can help influence whether the candidate is going to consider the opportunity or not.

Enhance the quality of hires

By tailoring outreach emails, you can attract candidates who are interested in the job, helping with higher-quality hires.

How to craft personalised outreach emails: 

We have seen the importance of personalised outreach, but let’s dive into how you can master this technique:

Segment audience

Start by categorising potential candidates based on their qualifications, experience, and interests.

Research candidates

Invest time in researching the candidates you plan to reach out to and understanding their career goals.

Create a personalised message

Use the information you have gathered to create a unique message for each candidate. Outline specific skills, experience, or projects that align with the role you are recruiting for.

Tip: Use Sourcd to craft your personalised emails!

Personalised outreach emails are a game-changer!

It’s not just about addressing the candidate’s name and what you require, you need to understand their unique skills and aspirations.

Researching your candidates and utilising tools such as Sourcd to craft your personalised emails will help create emails that will get high response rates and better-quality hires. So, make personalised outreach emails a cornerstone of your recruitment strategy, and watch your talent acquisition efforts soar to new heights.

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